Cabs?  Cars?  Limos?  Oh My!  Of course there are an abundance of transportation options to get around the Las Vegas Strip!  But which should you choose? Relax!  Vegas Life Events will handle everything for you- stress and worry free!  From hand selecting the driver and vehicle- to setting up the time lines and destinations- we ensure a smooth transition every time!

Night Life

With all the nightclubs in Las Vegas it can be overwhelming to blindly select one wihtout knowing the essential details.  Will this Venue suit your event?  What type of Ambiance do you require?  Dress code?  VIP Access or Lines?  Let Vegas Life Events handle it all so you can focus on the fun, VIP Style!                       

Transportation Services

Community Venue Management


We have partnered with the most unique venues you can find in Las Vegas as well of top notch restaurants.  Access to exclusive private event venues on and off the strip.

Our Vision

Imagine a world where event planners actually anticipate your next move. Our talented staff spend every waking hour perfecting the relationships between venues and our customers to ensure the best results.   See why so many fortune 500 and fortune 100 companies only call Vegas Life Events!

Hotel Rooms
We are the leading experts in Las Vegas Hotel Contract Negotiation.  What does that mean for you?  Better Group Rates at NO ADDITIONAL COSTS to YOU!  At Vegas Life Events, our long lasting relationships with various Hotels has given us a certain leverage to get you the best possible group rates with incentives and concessions added to your contract, again at
​No Extra Charge!!! 


Our staffing managers are available to answer any questions or fill a request.  We provide non-logo business uniforms (upon request.)   We have the best trade show staff in town, just ask our many satisfied clients!                     

Workshop Assistants/Registration Desk

VIP Greeters and Guides


Our Staff

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Our Strength

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